Thursday, 23 January 2014

Box Jellyfish

Chironex fleckeri (Phyasalia Pysalis) , Carukia barnesi and Malo kingi are some of the most venomous beings on the planetEvery tentacle has about 500,000 cnidocytes, each cnidocytes contain of nematocysts, Nematocysts is a cnidocyte is an incredible mobile made up of one huge secretory organelle or cnida (plural cnidae) that describes the phylum Cnidaria(corals, ocean anemones, hydrae, jellyfish, and so forth.). Cnidae can be used as prey capture and protection from predatorsA cnidocyte fires a construction which contains the toxin, from the cnidocyst (often known as a cnida or nematocyst). This is responsible for the stings supplied by jellyfish.

Sign and Symptom

Local reactions :  pain, hive like lesions
Systemic : nausea,vomiting,,diahhrea,dizziness,diaphoresis,muscle cramp or spasms or death
Venom effects

–Cardiovascular toxicities
–Liver toxicity
–Muscular toxicity
–* research : toxic symptom dose- dependent
–> 5mg/kg = heart failure + lungs odema
–5-10 mg/kg = hearts + nervous system symp
–>10mg/kg = typical central nervous symp (convulsion,body trembling.ophisthotonus)

Remove stingers by applying shaving foam to the sting area. Scrape the skin a razor, knife blade, or credit card
Rinse immediately with vinegar
mild hydrocortisone cream or oral antihistamine
Anti venom or antibiotic if severe reaction