Friday, 7 October 2011

Redang Island,Terengganu

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Redang Island (or Pulau Redang, as it is known locally) is located in the South China Sea, Approximately 45km northeast of Kuala Terengganu. Redang offers approximately 80% of the marine life species in the region of Philippines, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. With at least 20 dive sites, there's definitely a high chance that you'll get to spot something you've never seen before!

Diving Season in Redang Island

Similar to most islands located off the east coast of Malaysia, Redang too is closed off to tourists during the months of November to March due to the monsoon. However in the rest of the months, do expect to you can expect to have great sunny weather during your stay!

For me, Pulau Redang is the most beautiful islands I've visited and been diving diving.I had been here for 6 times diving with Berjaya Redang Resort.Next to the Berjaya Redang Resort got Budget accomodation Redang Abadi, offering cheap packages including meals and snorkeling

The resort provide cheap snorkeling trip, island hopping, fishing, and trip to Marine park.
Unfortunately, the resort not provide diving package.Because of that, i scuba diving Berjaya Redang  Resort, 5 Star Padi Dive Centre. They offered me RM 70 per dive including enquipment and snacks. I had friends work as Dive Master at Berjaya Redang Resort.If you  interested to go diving and to get diving license in Redang Island and of course look for budget package, you may call me or email me.
Redang Abadi.Private beach share with Berjaya Redang Resort
Dive Spot
Redang Berjaya Resort
Padi Berjaya Redang Resort
Berjaya Redang Resort Diving Rate..? expensive uh?hehe
 Redang Abadi resort Rate
2 days 1 night RM 160 per person
3 days 2 night RM 300 per person

package including Meal, snacks, Snorkeling package, Ferry ticket return.

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