Friday, 30 September 2011

Sipadan,Mabul, Kapalai Island

On September 17 to 21, my family left for vacation in Tawau for Sipadan Island, Sabah, Malaysia. Sipadan Island is an island and also the best diving I have ever visit and explore. Sipadan Island is rich with marine life and coral reefs that have never been disturbed. In addition to Sipadan Island, there are the famous islands in the vicinity such as the island of Mabul and Kapalai islands.


The name of Sipadan is simply legendary in diving circles, conjuring images of patrolling hammerhead sharks, millions of technicolored reef fish and, above all, dozens of sea turtles swimming peacefully everywhere This description is not far from reality: it might even actually be down played a little as Sipadan is considered one of the five top diving destinations in the world. This small rainforest-covered tropical island rising from a 700 meter abyss in the Celebes Sea is a destination the committed diver cannot miss.

Sipadan Island

Dive Spot

 Way to go to Sipadan:
1) For the Kuala Lumpur:
        A) AirAsia: Kuala Lumpur - Tawau (7:15 pm, 1535 pm, 1820 pm)
                            Kota Kinabalu - Tawau (12.05pm, 20.25 pm)
        B) MAS: Kuala Lumpur - Tawau (8:20 pm, 9:20 pm, 2.20pm, 8.00 pm,
From Tawau airport, you need to take the car for 1 hour (80 km) to reach the jetty Semporna)
From Semporna you will be sent using speed boats to Mabul Island or Kapalai island. As your knowledge there is no accommodation is provided at Sipadan Island.

Tips :
I would suggest that the initial two months to make reservations early for the diving  permit to Sipadan. Sipadan   limit for  120 persons are allowed to dive in a day.

To facilitate the diving, there are several diving center located in Semporna. as billabongs packpacker, Scuba junkie, uncle chang backpackers, and others.
I have been used servicefrom billabong backpacker.Charge ballabong rm 900 for 3 days 2 nights including lodging and meal with three times dive at Mabul and Sipadan dive 3 times.

Their service very good and friendly; here the link

Below some pictures from kapalai, Mabul and sipadan :

Billabong Backpackers Mabul Island
Lion Fish- Mabul Island
Sunset Mabul Island
Drop Off Sipadan Island
Sipadan Island, Sabah

Baraccuda point
Kapalai Island