Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Step by step to become a diver

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Today, I will explain briefly how to obtain the license diving.

Go online and search dive center in the areas you wish to visit.
example: Pulau Redang, Terengganu.

Make reservation and of course to prepare the money

Register and check in at hotel. Usually the package will include accommodations, meals, drinks and diving cerificate.
General briefing will be given by the diving instructor.Antara you will learn is:
A) the introduction of SCUBA equipment
B) the environment of ocean
C) technical diving
D) safety
E) swimming class
F) diving disease (decompression sickness) and emergency. how
      to prevent it

You will attend theory class and learn about diving for 1 day
Introduction and how to use scuba equipment will be made at the swimming pool at a depth of 5 meters. Here you'll be taught how to deal with the pressure in the ear and how to use SCUBA safely.You will also be teach how to perform mask clearing, buddy breathing during emergency and action must to be taken if emergency occured.
After you are confident and gained water confident. You'll be taken to sea for open water diving. Here you will feel like you entered another world and experience can not forget.

Overall, the course will take 4-5 days depending on your performance. After the instructor is confident you can be a good Diver, you will be given a diving certificate.The cerificate will be in use each time you dive.
Suba diving is one sport that risk. If you follow and take appropriate preventive measures, scuba diving is safe as soccer and other sports.
Happy diving .. hehe

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