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The Perhentian Islands (Pulau Perhentian in Malay) lie approximately 10 nautical miles (19 km) off the coast of northeastern Malaysia in the state of Terengganu.The two main islands are Perhentian Besar ("Big Perhentian") and Perhentian Kecil ("Small Perhentian"). The small, uninhabited islands of Susu Dara (Virgin Milk), Serenggeh and Rawa lie off Kecil. The Perhentians belong to Pulau Redang National Marine Park, which means that fishing, collecting coral and littering are strictly prohibited

Getting There

Journey to Perhentian Island from Kuala Besut jetty takes about 30 to 45 minutes by speed boat and 1½ hours by slow boat.
There are a number of boat operators in Kuala Besut jetty offering boat services to Perhentian Island. The return boat ticket cost RM70.00 per person for speed boat and RM40.00 per person for slow boat.
You also can fly with Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia or Fireflyz from Kuala Lumpur to either Kuala Terengganu or Kota Bharu (45minutes). After arriving at the airport, take either a bus or taxi to Kuala Besut jetty. The journey will be take about 1½ hours from Kuala Terengganu Airport / 1 hours from Kota Bharu Airport to the jetty.
Kuala Besut Jetty

Dive spot in Perhentian
The most famous are sugar wreck and tokong laut
Perhentians scuba diving is excellent - It has a collection of 10 or so dive sites, the max depth of which is around 24 metres. Highlights include two shipwrecks, the Vietnamese Wreck, which is upside down, and the Sugar Wreck, which is lying on its side with two cranes still attached to its deck. There is also the labyrinth of rocks and boulders known as T3 (Terumbu Tiga) and the pinnacle which is variously called Temple and, er, The Pinnacle. The reef in D Lagoon is excellent for a long, shallow dive too.

You may see, turtles, a black tip shark, triggerfish, tiny yellow boxfish (deeply cute), huge puffafish (up to half a metre in length), razorfish, octopus, schools of barracuda, jacks, fusiliers and travallies, a squadron of squid close to the surface and a truly giant moray eel.

in my opinion, the island stops are the best destinations for diving because i will guarantee  you'll find a turtle, nudi branch, sharks, morays ell,large school of fish ,trigger fish and beautiful sand beach.

Budget Dive Resort:

A) Turtle Bay Dive Centre
      They offered reasonable price for fun dive at Perhentian Island.

      "I am very pleased with the service offered by the entire crew (Yaakub, Joe, Travis, Maddie, Steve, Izwan). They were friendly and willing to assist in anything (Dive, accomodation, coffee, dinner, etc). Hats off to Yaakub for running a great shop in Perhentian. "

The price

                                            With Dive gear                        Weight Belt + tank

Fun Dive : 1-4 x dive                    Rm 70                                      RM 60
                 > 5 dive                    RM 60                                      RM 55

The Sugar wreck &                       Rm 80                                      Rm 70

Diving Courses 

Diving Discovery courses    RM 200  ( 3Hours)

Great fun for first timers. This non-certication course will allow you to safely visit the coral reef while always in the capable hands of a diving instructor.

Scuba Diver 2 days      RM 690

This new course will certify you to dive to 12 metres .Upon completion you are required to dive under the supervision of a divemaster . It is a great course especially if you do not want to do the full open water course at this point of time. The Scuba Diver certification can easily be upgraded to full Open Water Diver.

PADI Open Water Scuba Courses  Rm 950   (3-4 days)

This is a full certification course. The course consists of 3 parts:
Theory Sessions, Shallow Water Training and 4 Open Sea Dives up to 18 metres. The course is structured in such a way that the necessary skills are taught in a gradual and strss-free manner

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