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The best Lighting Package on Net

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The exclusive Optical Ocean Sales YS-01 S-Tray Lighting Set is the answer for underwater photographers that want a great quality, fully-configured underwater camera system. Includes the ergonomic, adjustable S-Tray with integrated handles.

Compatible with most point and shoot underwater housings from major manufacturers (except Ikelite) that use a tripod-mount screw, including Canon, Olympus, Fuji, Fantasea and Panasonic.

The S-Tray is made from black anodized aluminum and is a medium weight system. It features a 3-part tray that can be easily adjusted for different sized housings, hands, gloves or shooting styles.  Interior width expands to approximately 11.75. The S-shape of the foam covered handles conforms to your hands while gripping the housing, and is very comfortable and relaxed to hold. The tray includes two base to ball connectors (OOEC-06).

This package comes with a fully-adjustable modular ball and joint arm system (OOARM-01) and an extra YS mount arm and clamp to hold a focus light. The YS mount fits any Sea and Sea or Fantasea strobe and focus light, adapters are available for Inon or Ikelite strobes. Ball and joint arm systems are much stronger, adjustable and will stay in one position better than flex arms. You can expand this with extra arms and a triple clamp (#3013) to fit a second strobe, as well as the focus light.

Included is the Sea & Sea YS-01 strobe and fiber optic sync cord. It has a guide number of 20 and features 10 steps of manual power, D-TTL auto operation and a target light. Also in the package is the small, powerful NanoFocus Light (6022) to allow you to see and frame easier, as well as allowing your camera to focus faster. This is essential for the lower light situations found underwater or for night diving.

You can upgrade the focus light to the excellent and much brighter Big Blue 1x5 AFO which has a wider beam and is more useful for night diving or in temperate waters.

Optical Ocean Sales/Sea & Sea/Fantasea parts. See individual items for more details.

  • Optical Ocean S-Tray (OOSTRAY-01)
  • 6 ball, 2x 4 strobe mount arms, 3 clamps.
  • 2 Ball Mount adapters (OOEC-06)
  • Sea & Sea YS-01 (SS-03112)
  • Fiber Optic Sync Cord & Adapter
  • NanoFocus Light (6022)

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