Saturday, 16 June 2012

Scuba Divers are easy shark bait.

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Scuba Divers are easy shark bait.

Let’s just say your chances of getting hit by lightning, dying of a wasp, bee or snake bite are a lot more than becoming a shark’s supper. Like most animals Sharks too are weary of foreign objects (read as humans in the ocean!). Look at it from a shark’s point of view- if you came across a noisy bubble blowing, large strange shaped creature that often flashes bright lights (with flashlights or camera’s) and not to mention in groups or at least more than one, would you stick around to figure whether they would harm you? If you’re still thinking, the answer is No. Most sharks with an exception of very few species, don’t often stick around when they spot groups of divers. However we must never forget that we are on their turf and the rule of the wild still holds true- never draw attention to yourself, provoke them or feed them or you could be mistaken as a snack yourself. It’s not to say there have never been any unprovoked shark attacks, but most often it’s a case of mistaken identity and the number of deaths from shark bites negligible as compared to the number of people who have come into contact with the creature diving, snorkeling, swimming or boating.

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